Aion Leveling and Gold Guide

Aion Leveling and Gold Guide FAQs

What makes our guides better than the guides I’ve seen other people selling?

It is our policy to set the bar for our products extremely high. We like the challenge of making our guides address the individual needs of gamers no matter how difficult or complex. The difference in quality found in our products is what sets us apart, and we believe this difference is better experienced than talked about.

What Guides are included in the Kozen Guide Package?

  • Eylos 1-50 Leveling Guide
  • Asmodians 1-50 Leveling Guide
  • Aion Kinah Guide
  • Abyss Guide
  • PvP Guide
  • Crafting Guide
  • Stigma Guide
  • Rifting Guide
  • Title Guide
  • Video Guides
  • Member Forums

Can I solo with the Kozen leveling guides?

Yes! Our guide is designed for the solo player, so you wont be stuck doing quests that you are unable to complete at your level. Our guide breaks down each quest so you know exactly how to complete it.

Are the Leveling Guides completely finished?

Yes, unlike a lot of other Aion leveling guides our guide is 100% complete. We cover every area and continue to update the leveling guides to add more detail each week.

What do you mean when you say the guides come with “free updates for life”?

Free updates for life refers to changes made to the game through patches. The guides are often reworked to take advantage of any changes that could increase the effectiveness of our guides. These updates are 100% free of charge.

How often are the guides updated?

We are always working on improving all of our guides. We usually release multiple updates each week adding more information and new content to our guides.

I have a Mac, can I still download the guides?

Yes, our guides can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac computers.

Will my account get banned if I use your guide?

Absolutely not. Our guides and strategies are all 100% legal and comply with all NCSoft’s polices. Your account will not get banned.

I want to purchase your guide but how?

You may purchase our guide from our directly from our purchase page

I’ve purchased the guides but how do I download them?

After you have purchased your the Kozen Guide package you can then log into our Members Area using your e-mail address and receipt number to download the guides.